Trouble With Tenants? How Warren Landlords Can Protect Themselves

by Aug 19, 2021

When you’re a landlord, sometimes you can’t avoid that bad tenants would show up at your office doors every now and then. As a result, issues like damaged interiors and past-due rent checks occur.

But before you decide to send that eviction notice, know that it’s possible to fix most of these problems from the start. Here are a few landlord protection ideas to prevent dreaded incidents with tenants.

Screen Your Candidates Thoroughly

Before anything else, have interested applicants fill out an application. By doing so, you will be able to check the following factors and determine if they’re a good fit:



Even when unexpected expenses arise, a good tenant should have enough income to cover their rent. Insufficient income can make it difficult for them to pay their bills, surplus expenses, and rent.

Landlord And Employment References

Tenants should have positive references from their personal, landlord, and employment histories. It helps to verify whether they’re currently employed, their previous rental was left in good condition, and their information on their application is accurate. If possible, ask for current pay stubs when speaking to the applicant’s employer on the company line.

Credit History

When evaluating a tenant’s ability and willingness to pay rent on time, a credit score may be one of the most important criteria. Tenants with good credit are more likely to be on time with rent because they have a history of making payments on time.


Criminal History

With the help of a tenant criminal background check, you can help avoid putting your property or neighborhood at risk. Having to evict a tenant after skipping a background check could prove expensive. A criminal record review should be individualized for each applicant and should consider the relevance of past convictions.

Learn The State Guidelines

Each state has its own rental laws. For example, the State of Michigan provides for the following:

Anti-Discrimination Laws

Landlords are free to reject the application of a tenant on any factor except on age, race, nationality, sex, and physical and mental disability.

State Rent Rules

Follow the rules and procedures in Michigan if you need to raise the rent or evict a tenant who has not paid rent. Michigan law regulates several rent-related issues, such as how long a tenant has to pay rent (seven days in Michigan) or move before a landlord can evict them.

State Security Deposit Limits And Return Rules

There may be state law limitations on the amount of a deposit you can charge (one and a half months’ rent in Michigan), when the deposit must be returned (within 30 days after the tenant moves out), and other restrictions on deposits.

Get Landlord Insurance

As a Warren landlord, you face particular risks that require specialized insurance. Getting landlord insurance lets you enjoy the several benefits, depending on the type of insurance you decide to get.

Generally, some types of insurance protect your property when it’s damaged due to fire, hail, flood, and other damaging events. Others also cover damage inflicted by tenants, whether intentional or not.
Other types of insurance protect you when you rent an area of the property to a tenant.


Personal Injury Coverage

The tenant or their visitor can sue you for medical costs if they get hurt in an unsafe condition they feel you are responsible for. Furthermore, if they suffer property damage because of something you did not repair, they may sue you for replacement costs. In addition, you can be held legally liable for issues unrelated to the physical condition of the property.

Legal Counsel

Being a landlord entails a lot of liabilities, so having access to legal counsel is essential for your financial security. Some types of landlord insurance include a lawyer that will take care of the legal issues that come with a tenant having to sue you.

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